Youth LEADer Yuvaraj Patil invents Arecanut Robot

LEAD Deshpande Foundation Yuvraj Patil 3

The LEaders Accelerating Development program of the Deshpande Foundation provides a conducive platform for young college students to invent and innovate solutions for local problems.

LEADer Amruth S. interviewed Yuvaraj Patil about his arecanut robot invention and has summed up his comments in this week’s post. Read on for a refreshing story about this youth inventor from a small town in North Karnataka.

LEAD Deshpande Foundation Yuvraj Patil 3
Yuvaraj Patil with his Arecanut Robot which helps carry out a range of activities

Yuvaraj Patil was pursuing his final year Mechanical engineering at Nippani and learnt about the problems associated with arecanut farming during his visit to a farm in Sirsi through LEAD Prayana. Yuvaraj’s mind was fixated on that and he couldn’t get over it, there was an urge in him to find a suitable solution for these problems but he wasn’t able to focus and put all his thoughts together.

The turning point to his story came when Yuvaraj Patil participated in the boot camp and business module session conducted by Deshpande Startups Hubballi. That is where he got the right direction to his ideas. Once his scattered ideas were focused, there was nothing that stopped him!

LEAD Deshpande Foundation Yuvraj Patil
Yuvaraj working on his robot late into the night
Deshpande Foundation LEAD
Hammering away at the various components of the robot

After months of hard work, he came up with an innovative design. The multi talented robot machine – which is capable of climbing arecanut trees, spraying pesticides, cutting and collecting bunches of arecanuts. The machine is also equipped with a camera through which keen observation can be done.  It’s also economical and is a single shot investment. The prototype model has come out with flying colors in all tests and Yuvaraj is now all set to start its mass production.

This technical initiative of his which lead to the birth of multitalented robot machine was recognized in Yuva Summit 2017 and his initiative was awarded as the most innovative project.

The recognitions and appreciations didn’t just stop there; Yuvaraj Patil became the winner of Anveshana 2017 conducted by Agastya International Foundations. Yuvaraj Patil is happy for all these things because his hard work didn’t go in vain.

LEADer Yuvaraj Patil is a true example of the saying Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. It’s time we focus on our goals and objectives and achieve them and do something for this society before we die!

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