Entrepreneurs get creative, build product prototypes at the Maker’s Lab

The Maker’s Lab is setting up to be the first of its kind in North Karnataka to empower from 2nd and 3rd tier cities and rural areas entrepreneurs with the latest design and manufacturing tools. Spread over 12,000 sqft., it enables early stage product startups to build prototypes and currently has 55 entrepreneurs using the facilities. The Lab includes modern woodworking tools, 3D printers, IoT, as well as electronics and mechanical machinery labs which include controllers, CNC machines, and laser cutting machines.


Budding Entrepreneurs being introduced to the latest equipment available in the Makers Lab facility.


On May 6th, 2017 Sandbox Startups, the incubation center at Hubli Sandbox, hosted their first carpentry workshop at their Maker’s Lab.  Budding entrepreneurs from various universities were invited to experience this one-day workshop to discover the multitude of skills and tools the Makers Lab offers well as hearing from knowledgeable and inspiring guest attendees learned, not only the importance of safety, but also the proper technical uses for each tool. In addition, these budding entrepreneurs learned about practical skills by manufacturing their own products and turning their ideas into products, prototypes, and experimentation.  Mr. Ashok Soota, founder of Happiest Minds Technologies and co-founder of Mindtree visited the facility and complimented the conducive environment that has been created to help tech startups in the region. He is known for his outstanding efforts in IT and a recipient of numerous awards in technology, leadership, and entrepreneurship.  Sandbox Startups encouraged attendees to test their creativity skills in a safe environment with qualified instructors facilitating and helping when needed.  As a result, beautifully designed wood sculptures, benches, and other models were produced by the students.


Mr. Ashok Soota, founder of Happiest Minds Technologies and Mr. CM Patil, CEO of Sandbox Startups in conversation at the Makers Lab.


The Makers Lab provides the youth in the Sandbox Startups program the ability to experiment with different appliances in a supportive environment. They engage in hands-on, experiential training. Entrepreneurs gain practical knowledge on the use of the latest and most up-to-date equipment giving them a competitive advantage over other entrepreneurs. They can test out theories and find solutions by experimentation and by using a hands-on, experiential approach.


Workshop attendees becoming familiar with operating equipment and tools.


Sandbox Startups is an offshoot of Deshpande Foundation India and is now a separate legal entity offering incubation support to startups from tier 2/3 cities. At Sandbox Startups, mission-driven entrepreneurs with innovative ideas are provided mentorship, access to funding, marketing connections and the resources needed to achieve better growth for businesses. The Sandbox is set to launch India’s biggest startup incubation facility in September 2017. The center will have the capacity to seat over 1,200 people in an 82,00 square foot facility; meaning it can accommodate at least 200 startups at any given time.


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