A transformational summer camp for the rural teens

“I was wondering what I am going to learn in just one month, which I could not make it in a year at my village and school. But this was only in initial days, now I am transformed. Amazed by myself for the transformation which Deshpande Foundation’s Skill in Village Program’s summer camp has helped me and several other village students in acquiring information and communication skills to a great extent in just one month, I have a clarity in my mind to set my goals and aim towards succeeding it now” – says Anjuma M Buddankhan from Shirkol.

Ajit Prakash Dadamani, class 10th passed out from Gadag shared, “I was little lazy and depended on my mother to wake me up every day in the morning and with her great effort I could manage to wake up between 7.00 am and 8.00 am. English was the toughest language for me and I was not great in time management. Luckily, my father admitted me to this Skill in Village’s summer camp; here I just did not overcome the things/behaviours I was lacking at. But I also got to know the world we were not aware of, the exposure visit introduced all the students towards science and technology, opportunities to acquire as an entrepreneur in the future and much more. Now I have my own e-mail id and know how to find out answers/information through Google. The regular yoga classes at 6.00 am helped us to keep calm and focus on our work and creative classes taught us how to utilize waste materials and make best use out of it. Overall it was a fun filled and skilful camp” says Ajeeth.

During the Summer Camp graduation day ceremony dignitaries and students watering the plants as mark of inauguration

S M Hudedmani, Block Education Officer, Hubballi Rural was the chief guest of the SiV summer camp graduation day and while addressing the students at Deshpande Educational Trust on Friday he said, “When students set their goals at the young age and chase it, definitely success will follow them. I am happy to see students from the rural background talking in English and taking up the ownership of the program confidently. These make the parents and teachers both proud.”

Commending on the contribution of the Deshpande Foundation in transforming the rural students, Mr. Hudedmani added, the education department will always support such great initiatives and further can collaborate for more great works in Hubballi region. On the occasion he also advised parents to encourage their children to learn well and on regular intervals spend some quality time with children.

A student explaining her chat (prepared by her in creative class of the camp) to her father at the graduation ceremony at Deshpande Educational Trust.

On the occasion many parents who came from various villages expressed their happiness and pride to see the transformation of their children in just one month duration.

About the SiV Summer Camp 2019;

The summer camp was organised for the 10th students who were from the 50 villages and to name a few – Hebbal, Tadas, Tirlapur, Allanagar, Kiresul, Vasan,Shirkol etc. In total 127 students were enrolled in the summer camp. The summer camp paid attention on ICT, English, Maths, creativity, exposure visit, problem solving, team building and Innovation. A new module was also introduced in the camp called ‘innovation hour’, which focused on team building, note taking, critical thinking, and telling students about what innovation means, projects, which aims at developing students’ knowledge & research abilities and curiosity about various interesting things they should know.

The summer camp was held for 30 days (from 10th April – 10th May)

At the graduation ceremony of the summer camp Mr. Vivek Pawar, CEO, Deshpande Foundation; Mr. PN Nayak, Executive CEO Office, Deshpande Foundation; Mr. Harish M H, Manager, Skill in Village Program, Deshpande Foundation, parents of the beneficiary students and staff of Deshpande Educational Trust were present.

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