To Stay on Track, Stay Focused on Your Founding Goals

The journey of a social organization is a difficult and complex one. Often a company that sets out to achieve a transformation in communities– in areas such as livelihood, people-empowerment, education, or health– realizes that it has to begin from scratch and has no ready-made path to traverse. And, by the time a venture of this type achieves a foothold, it would have seen many ups and downs, in execution and finance.

How do social ventures remain robust despite the hardships that come their way? And how can community organizations stay excited and committed to their mission every day?

The answer, it appears, is to keep going back to where it all began- stay focussed on your founding goals.


Organizations should continually self-assess to ensure that their work is aligned to serve their original purpose. As Aditya Agarwal,  Co-Founder & CEO,  Dawailelo puts it, “You need to have a purpose behind what you do. Knowing the ‘why’ factor is more important than knowing the ‘what’ factor.” Varanasi-based Dawailelo delivers urgent medication at the doorsteps of customers.

A nonprofit cannot succeed unless it retains the vigor and enthusiasm of entrepreneurship every day of its life. Says Dhirendra Pratap, Co-Founder & CEO, Milaan, “When we start something, it is driven by a lot of passion and excitement. It is important that the same feeling remains in the business and the solution should scale further. If it does not, go back to where it all began. Go big or go home.” He was speaking at the recent Development Dialogue organized by the Ek Soch Sandbox in Varanasi.


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