SiV explores the hidden talent of teachers

It’s been almost one and a half years that students have attended their regular schooling and offline classes. The pandemic disrupted the education sector and the challenges still persist to bring back the normal functionality of the education system. During these challenging times, the Skill in Village program of Deshpande Skilling at Deshpande Foundation, has showcased its resilience and never disconnected with the children. 

Skill in Village is an after school program for government schools that operate in 96 centres across Karnataka and Telangana. The program focuses on building English language and life skills among the students. 

Continuing with the set goals of providing quality education to the children of rural north-Karnataka, team SiV has identified the ways and vital elements which are necessary to implement in bringing out the positive outcomes of the students. In this regard SiV in partnership with IGNIS Careers organised seven day training to the SiV teachers and cluster trainers at the Deshpande Skilling Centre. IGNIS works to reduce social inequality through quality and purposeful education by transforming the teaching and learning processes. Hence the goal of the SKill in Village and IGNIS is in sync. 

The 7 day training was attended by 84 teachers of Hubballi and Kakatiya Skilling Centres of Deshpande Foundation’s Skill in Village program. Participating teachers come from different locations like Ron, Shiratti, Haveri, Belagavi, Dharwad, Siddipet, Nizamabad etc. 

In the 35 hours of intensified training, teachers were trained on pedagogy, classroom management and activity-based content delivery in the classroom. When teachers are confident and well prepared on all these aspects, there is improvement in the quality of learning, students are more receptive and their participation increases. Overall, this helps in imparting the knowledge effectively and develops higher cognitive skills in students.

The training program was inaugurated by Mohan Hanchate, Deputy Director of Public Instruction (DDPI), Dharwad. Addressing the teachers he said, “a teacher should also be a learner. Training should maximise the efficiency of the teacher. I hope this training will help the teachers in polishing their skills and help them in contributing to the quality education for the rural students”.

DDPI, Deshpande Skilling team are seen along with the enthusiastic SiV teachers who came to attend the seven day training

Yasneen, a teacher from Maradagi Centre shares her experience, “this residential training was very fruitful. I have learned how we as teachers too, can instil lot of things by adopting activity based teaching, the importance of classroom management, especially in the current scenario. We all have hidden talents and this training worked as a platform to bring those out. I look forward to using these learning in my day-to-day class engagement”. 

“This training has helped us to learn the significance of time management, respecting each other’s opinions, and pedagogy. This has been a great opportunity for all of us to learn new things and upskill ourselves”, said Nagesh, SiV Cluster Trainer, Shiggaon.

“This training has been fruitful for us too as trainers. It is our pleasure to train the teachers who go back to the villages and teach the students in remote areas. I believe these teachers will create students who will have high aspirations and dreams for themselves” opined Manal Doshi, Trainer, IGNIS Careers. 

Since 2019, Deshpande Skilling has partnered with IGNIS and this has helped SiV with the curriculum development. IGNIS nurtures a culture of learning by promoting joyful learning and its mission is to break away from rote learning and passive teaching practises and sets a culture of active and collaborative learning. 

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