Marketing Struggles faced by a Micro-entrepreneur

Being a micro-entrepreneur can mean a multitude of things to different people. For some, a micro-entrepreneur is a person with full freedom to work in what they are interested in. For others, a micro-entrepreneur represents a slice of capitalism. No matter what the idea of a micro-entrepreneur is, certain aspects remain unchanged for an individual. 


For example, a micro-entrepreneur experiences various levels of freedom in their business, but they often cannot connect to a wider audience of buyers in the market since they own a small enterprise. This struggle is faced by many micro-entrepreneurs and this can lead to an enterprise not achieving its potential. This marketing struggle can be defined as a tough knot waiting to be untied on the path of a micro-entrepreneur. 


Marketing struggles can come in different forms for various micro-entrepreneurs. Uma Ugulat, a micro-entrepreneur who joined the Micro-entrepreneurship Development Program in 2017, stated that her demand for clothing apparel was low as she was unable to reach many customers as her contacts were not sufficient for her enterprise. Similarly, many micro-entrepreneurs state that the lack of business knowledge makes them unable to expand their customer base beyond their contacts. In addition to this, some products offered by the micro-entrepreneur may not have great sales in certain areas. 


While marketing struggles are seen commonly in every micro-enterprise, they are not hard to eliminate from the business. It may take some time for the micro-entrepreneur to find a customer base to whom they can cater their products and services, but this step can be accelerated with the help of market linkage and regular displays at exhibitions. Once the marketing struggles are eliminated, the micro-enterprise can continue to thrive in a booming world.

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