Magic Happens When Ideas Meet Expert Mentorship

It is essential for ideas to be surrounded by people who have succeeded in building successful enterprises from exciting ideas. When you have an idea that is potent enough to solve a real-time problem in the society, even when you know how to execute the idea, you will need mentors who can help you progress to the next stage from your zone of confusion.

The Deshpande Foundation helps many high-potential social enterprises to scale and become visible models that are replicable. To make the journey of enterprises seamless, the program extends crucial mentorship required by entrepreneurs at different stages. The Sandbox has a mentor-network of over 65 mentors, global entrepreneurs, thought leaders, renowned industry leaders, experts, and academicians from across the globe. This includes some key industry players like N R Narayana Murthy- Chairman Emeritus, Infosys, Dr Gururaj Deshpande – Chairman, Deshpande Foundation, Will Poole – Managing Partner, Unitus Seed Fund etc, who provide their valuable guidance to the grantees and DET students through different platforms, events and programs.  

These inspiring personalities have so far helped many young ideas and innovators to turn into successful social enterprises by solving strategic problems of Sandbox partners, micro entrepreneurs and students. By sharing the experiences of their journeys, they help entrepreneurs to keep going and stay motivated during all the ups and downs. Sometimes they also give them new directions and verticals that need to be explored.

Providing good mentors can add enormous value to an enterprise. That is why the Sandbox banks significantly on its global network of mentors to support our booming base of entrepreneurs at a global level. 


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