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Pundlik N Kelur is a former fellow of the Deshpande Educational Trust (DET) electrical program. Upon graduating from an ITI college in Hangal, a small taluk in Haveri district of North Karnataka, he was interested in pursuing further education to secure a financially stable job. He enrolled in DET’s electrical program and acquired proficient English and presentation skills, increased level of confidence and practical training in the electrical field.

Pundlik is extremely grateful for being introduced to DET and is thankful for the quality of skills and many opportunities the program has offered him.  He now believes that many more doors are open to him and his intention of obtaining the type of job he desires is a feasible reality for him.  After completion of the electrical program Pundlik was offered jobs at multiple organizations. He decided on a position in Chennai and is now working for a reputable organization, SVP Laser Technologies PVT. LTD.

Deshpande Educational Trust Fellow
Pundlik N Kelur, a former fellow of the electrical program who shares his success story.

DET developed the electrical program to immerse youth in a learning ecosystem rooted with practical knowledge and hands on work experience. This fellowship program welcomes ITI graduates from various skill levels, aiming to equip them with field exposure unavailable to them in their previous learning institutes. The program is specialized for fellows coming from rural backgrounds as they often lack abilities in communication and critical thinking skills. DET looks for motivated individuals who are willing to work hard, show initiative and pursue their goals.


Deshpande Educational Trust Workshop
One of the workshops that allows DET fellows to engage in hands on learning.


Deshpande Educational Trust electrical program
Fellows working together on an electrical circuit.

The electrical program is extremely well-rounded as it trains fellows to do 3 phase industrial wiring, how to operate electrical tools, knowledge in motor winding, safety standards, repairing A/C and refrigerators and basic mathematics skills. Fellows also participate in English communication, personality development and basic computer and hardware skills. In addition, the fellowship offers field visits, guest speakers and hands-on training to expose fellows to many of the key aspects of the electrical sector. DET combines hard and soft skills learning to ensure that  graduates of this program have a high caliber education and better chance of employability.



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