Youth leader, Bhimshi, shares his Bullock-cart braking system success story

Bhimshi comes from a remote agricultural region where all the farms are located in elevated areas.  This leads to numerous problems during harvest time as carrying  products up and down the hillside becomes a challenging and sometimes risky task. Bhimshi discussed the difficulty people have trekking up the hill as well as the additional struggle and safety hazard of retrieving the Bullock cart.

Bhimshi began thinking of ways the Bullock cart could be controlled which would facilitate a safe and efficient system for the farmers when travelling to town and back. He partnered with LEAD to acquire knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and financial support. This encouragement from LEAD motivated Bhimshi to start designing a brake system for the Bullock carts. He collected materials, trying to create the right mechanics for the braking system. After many failed attempts, he continued to persevere and now, every cart in the village and surrounding villages have benefited from his innovative initiative. Bhimshi modestly claims that his father deserves equal recognition for the system as he was a continual and unwavering support to Bhimshi throughout the entire process.

The Leaders Accelerating Development (LEAD) is one of Deshpande Foundations initiatives, founded in 2008 by Naveen Jha. Through this program, Bhmishi was able to carry out this project because of the generous financial support, mentorship and encouragement he received from LEAD throughout the entire process of Bhimishi’s project.  The LEAD program provides a platform to inspire youth to volunteer, become more involved in the community and take on entrepreneurial responsibilities by equipping students with the skills, leadership qualities and confidence necessary to be successful.  Currently, over 26,000 students have implemented innovative solutions throughout their communities through the LEAD program.

Bhimishi accepting “Best LEADer” award at Yuva Summit 2017

This year Bhimishi was awarded “Best LEADer” at the annual international conference, Yuva Summit. Bhimishi was acknowledged for his demonstration and ability to implement his ambitious goal that provided a positive impact in his community.  Congratulations Bhimishi, we hope you continue to inspire others and assist those in need on your entrepreneurial journey!


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