Sandbox startups

The aim of the Sandbox is to create an environment where unconventional approaches to addressing social innovation is encouraged. The value of the Sandbox lies in its ability to identify synergies and explore potential collaborations among the catalyst network. Our success lies in our ability to execute as we not only provide financial resources to our partners, but also strategic support, challenging them to impact larger populations and work more efficiently for sustainable development. We are proud to boast some remarkable partnerships in the Sandbox that have evolved into exemplary successes as we continue to support a critical number of local leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who can focus and develop solutions to local issues.

We work in compact geographic areas that we call '(social) innovation sandbox', a living laboratory for a diverse range of entrepreneurs and development practitioners to get their ideas tested, strengthened and sustained over a period of time. Applying a 'bottom up' approach to building scalable solutions, the Deshpande Foundation at Hubballi Sandbox works to create an effective ecosystem where resources are put to use through local entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. At the bottom of the Sandbox approach is the Foundation's quest to create critical mass to take up entrepreneurial solutions of various magnitudes and scope.




We envision a world where increasing numbers of individuals and organizations are driven by entrepreneurial energy to create and grow enterprises that address social challenges and, or market opportunities.

Our mission is to strengthen local ecosystems, build leaders and entrepreneurs, and catalyze innovative thinking to accelerate the creation of sustainable, scalable enterprises that have significant social and economic impact. We believe that when innovation and relevance are combined with appropriate support, organizations thrive and benefit millions of people. We aim for a world in which individuals and organizations whose passion, creativity and entrepreneurial inspiration drive new approaches, to solve problems to improve our standard and quality of living.


We believe the success of an idea is dependent upon catalyst commitments and high end execution abilities, and a transformational idea is secondary to a committed catalyst. Therefore, our overarching goal is to enable as many catalysts as possible to take on the position of social entrepreneurs.

We invest in innovation that strive to attain a 'proof of concept'. This concept often requires frequent changes in the overall process, product, or basic idea prior to guaranteed productivity and impact. We also understand that the process of proving an idea requires time, resources, engagement, and a strong commitment.

We believe that applying an 'entrepreneurial mindset' to the implementation of an idea is important for the achievement of efficiency and sustainability in the long run. Therefore, in our role as enabler, we seek to imbibe and reinforce an 'entrepreneurial mindset' among catalysts we work with.