Veerendra Neeli

Proprietor, CBN Foods & Beverages Pvt.Ltd
Veerendra Neeli, CBN Foods & Beverages Pvt Ltd

Veerendra Neeli is a young budding growing entrepreneur expertized in the field of branding and marketing. At a very young age he worked as a branding specialist in Bangalore for several years and later took a step ahead to start his own snack company. He has always been interested in the snack business, even though he does not have experience running on research, He involved himself in touring different companies and factories to gain insights about the food industry.

Veerendra established his business CBN Foods and Beverages Pvt.Ltd in 2015 making snacks and other nourishment items. In the span of less than a year, he has already seen positive response from his customers and has widened his business network in 6-7 districts respectively, He has significantly more designs being developed and would like to develop his business in the his very own organization. He has been a great speaker at all the workshop sessions conducted by Micro-entrepreneurship and has been a wonderful motivator for all the growing Micro-entrepreneurship’s.


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