V.S Topal

Partner, BDP NANDI (Patil & Ashok Masala Products)
V.S Topal, BDP NANDI(Patil & Ashok Masala Products)

V.S. Toppal is a partner of BDP Nandi, a company that has been producing spices since 1938. They started in producing a variety of spices including chili, turmeric, masala and more. They began with a small quantity and a single factory but have grown selling all over North Karnataka. Currently they even supply overseas to places like Tokyo, Japan. With their successful business practices their turnover reaches 5-6 Cr. per annum.

V.S. Toppal takes a keen interest in helping other micro-entrepreneurs grow their businesses, particularly women. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge with the Micro-entrepreneurships and helps them succeed as well.


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