Udyam Samvada September 2020

“Udyam Samvada” translates to “A conversation about the enterprise” in Kannada. This is exactly what happened on the 14th of September 2020 when the Micro-entrepreneurship Development Program of Deshpande Foundation hosted the first webinar in the “Udyam Samvada” series. The esteemed panel speaking in this webinar included Shri. M.P.Barapatre (Director, MSME Hubli), Shri. Balavanth Kulkarni (Divisional Manager, Canara Bank), Smt. Chaya Nanjappa (Founder & Managing Partner, Nectar Fresh India), Shri. C.M.Patil (CEO, Deshpande Startups) and Smt. Rajeshwari Laddi (Deputy Manager, Marketing, MEDP Deshpande Foundation)

This webinar was primarily aimed at micro-entrepreneurs from the state of Karnataka. The various topics covered in this “Samvada” encompassed the vast fields of micro-entrepreneurship and self-education. This webinar focuses on some of the ways to standardize the business practices of a micro-entrepreneur which would make it easier in the future. It also covered the importance of a micro-entrepreneur educating themselves in the world of entrepreneurship. A common consensus among the panelists was that change is the only constant and that it is extremely important to stay updated with matters that would affect the running of the micro-enterprise.

Another important aspect covered in this webinar was the importance of innovation and the role of technology in a business. All the panelists agreed that technology plays a pivotal role in any business today, considering its utmost importance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar also discussed ways for micro-entrepreneurs to join the Micro-Entrepreneurship Development Program offered by Deshpande Foundation.

All in all, this webinar was a resounding success. To date, this event has bagged 1500+ views on Youtube and has been viewed countless times by budding entrepreneurs who wish to thrive in this field. 90% of all viewers who participated in the post-webinar survey agreed that this webinar was extremely helpful for them.

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