Micro-entrepreneurship Team

Team Micro-entrepreneurship

Micro-entrepreneurship is proud of the highly motivated and hardworking team, that listens and learns the needs of the community. The high touch engagement helps us create better solutions and create better impact.

Our Founders

Dr. Gururaj 'Desh' Deshpande

Founder, Deshpande Foundation

Dr. Jaishree Deshpande

Founder, Deshpande Foundation

Our Team

Vivek Pawar

CEO, Deshpande Foundation
Managing Trustee, Deshpande Skilling
Sandeep Sabarwal, Executive - CEO Office, Hubballi Sandbox, Micro-entrepreneurship

Sandeep Sabarwal

Executive - CEO Office

Iranna Rotte

Deputy Director
Shivanand Somannavar, Project Manager, Micro-entrepreneurship

Shivanand Somannavar

Project Manager
Veerayya Hiremath, Project Manager, Micro-entrepreneurship

Veerayya Hiremath

Project Manager
Rajeshwari Ladi, Deputy Manager, Micro-entrepreneurship

Rajeshwari Laddi

Deputy Manager, Marketing
Mallamma Ganiger, officer, Hubballi Sandbox, Micro-entrepreneurship

Mallamma Ganiger

Program Officer
Surekha Mirajkar, Assistant Manager, Pragati

Surekha Mirajkar

Assistant Manager, Pragati
pavan mahendrakar, Senior Executive, Accounts, Micro-entrepreneurship

Pavan Mahendrakar

Senior Executive, Accounts
Praveen Nishanimath, Senior Executive, Training, Micro-entrepreneurship

Praveenkumar Nishanimath

Senior Executive, Training
Rudravva Kavalli, Senior Executive, Micro-entrepreneurship

Rudravva Kavalli

Senior Executive, Marketing
Shridhar Nandurkar, Program Associate, Micro-entrepreneurship

Shridhar Nandurkar

Executive, Accounts
Sunanda Rathod, Executive Marketing, Hubballi Sandbox, Micro-entrepreneurship

Sunanda Rathod

Executive, Marketing
Emmanuel Metre, Executive Marketing, Hubballi Sandbox, Micro-entrepreneurship

Emmanuel Metre

Executive, Marketing
Basavraj, Program Co-ordinator, Santhe, Micro-entrepreneurship

Basavraj Amakundi

Program Co-ordinator, Santhe
Parameshwar Gaded, Program Officer, Belagavi, Micro-entrepreneurship

Parameshwar Gaded

Program Officer
Pavitra, Program Officer, Haveri, Micro-entrepreneurship

Pavitra C Hiremath

Program Officer
Raja Harijan, Program Officer, Gadag, Micro-entrepreneurship

Raja Harijan

Program Officer
Lata Chandratnavar, Program Associate, Micro-entrepreneurship

Lata Chandratnavar

Program Associate
Bheemappa Yavagal, Program Associate, Micro-entrepreneurship

Bheemappa Yavagal

Program Associate
Ravikumar Mallur, Program Associate, Micro-entrepreneurship

Ravikumar Mallur

Program Associate
Shaila Gaonkar, Program Associate, Micro-entrepreneurship

Shaila Gaonkar

Program Associate
Neeraja Patwari, Program Associate, Hubballi Sandbox, Micro-entrepreneurship

Neeraja Patwari

Program Associate
saeed girni, Program Associate

Saeed Girni

Program Associate
Shivakumar, Program Associate, Micro-entrepreneurship

Shivakumar Devaramani

Field Associate
Sagar Salimath, Graphic Designer, Micro-entrepreneurship

Sagar Salimath

Graphic Designer
Munesh Perika, Executive Marketing, Kakatiya Sandbox, Micro-entrepreneurship

Munesh Perika

Executive, Marketing,
Kakatiya Sandbox
Nagaraju Narella, Executive Marketing, Kakatiya Sandbox, Micro-entrepreneurship

Nagaraju Narella

Executive Marketing
Kakatiya Sandbox
Prashanth Darshanam, Executive Marketing, Kakatiya Sandbox, Micro-entrepreneurship

Prashanth Darshanam

Executive Marketing,
Kakatiya Sandbox
Ramesh Nellaturi, Innovation Associate, Kakatiya Sandbox, Micro-entrepreneurship

Ramesh Nellatur

Innovation Associate,
Kakatiya Sandbox
Bhaskar Vakkelli, Program Associate Kakatiya Sandbox, Micro-entrepreneurship

Bhaskar Vakkelli

Marketing, Executive
Kakatiya Sandbox