Sharanappa Hadegal

Managing Director, Shraddha Tools And Dyes
Sharanappa Hadegal, Shraddha Tools And Dyes

Sharanappa Hadegal comes from a typical rural background. He had an entrepreneurial mindset from his school days in selling Bananas during Mela's & Jatra(festivals). During 80's and 90's India faced shortage of employment and in the mean while Sharanappa wanted to contribute towards his country.

He knew that he could either seek employment or start his own business. Thus, after receiving his diploma degree in tools & dyes making, he worked for some years in small organisations before commencing Shradha Tools and Dyes back in 1995.

His journey was very difficult at the beginning as no banks granted a loan for him to start a business. Initially he could outsource the work. His hard efforts gave him a great success. Nearly 50 families are getting benefitted from his company. In the coming years, he has plans to diversify his business into green renewable energy. He encourages entrepreneurs not to give up because difficulties are a part of life, one has to overcome them with hard work and persistence.


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