Micro-entrepreneurship Santhe

'Santhe' in Kannada means an exhibition cum marketplace.Micro-entrepreneurship Santhe aims to support artisanship from indigenous & marginalized communities. It is one of those few exhibitions that offers a better market place for all the small-scale entrepreneurs.

Micro-entrepreneurship santhe helps accelerate their business growth and increase turnover rate. It also intends to support women entrepreneurs across various rural and urban localities. Since its inception, Micro-entrepreneurship Santhe has created a large network for artisans across various clusters.

We endeavour to present the best quality market products at a reasonable price. Our product line-up includes host of traditional crafts & unique 'desi goods' which brings out the presence of Indian culture.

Santhe is a regular market for products of grassroots entrepreneurs.. Originating from the Kannada word ‘santhe’, these exhibitions offer a better marketplace for all the small-scale entrepreneurs by facilitating sales and direct customer engagement. This is a stepping stone for many entrepreneurs as their earlier means of selling was through middlemen, resulting in lower profit margins. Micro-entrepreneurship santhes aim to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers, promoting fair prices for both parties. Besides generating sales for micro entrepreneurs, the santhes help them reach a larger customer base and understand the evolving demands of the customers. It also encourages women entrepreneurs across various rural and urban localities and half of the stalls in each santhe are taken up by women.

Since its initiation in 2016, Micro-entrepreneurship Santhe has made a vast network for craftsmen and micro manufacturers crosswise across different geographies. It exhibits quality market items at affordable costs. Product offerings include a host of conventional and unique items, often showcasing rich Indian heritage. The buyers benefit as they get a wider number of options under a single roof. Micro-entrepreneurship Santhes help accelerate the business growth of microentrepreneurs, with improved monthly turnover rate along with regular fruitful customer engagements. Started with only one kind of Santhe, it has evolved and diversified into other kinds like Mega Santhe and Mobile Santhe.

In the year 2018-2019, there were 33 Santhes organised by the marketing team of Micro-entrepreneurship. More than 260 different entrepreneurs participated in the santhes held throughout the year. On an average, each santhe has enabled a microentrepreneur to generate sales worth Rs. 8000-12,000.

There is a potential for impacting 200-300 micro-entrepreneurs in this financial year with the 24 regular santhes twice a month in the Hubballi Sandbox of Deshpande Foundation. We have chosen this area for the following reasons:

  • In Karnataka, Hubballi Sandbox operates in the district of Dharwad since 2008.
  • Deshpande Foundation has established their strong presence and thus gained valuable experience in this location through its multiple grassroot initiatives and partners
  • In the decade long experience of Deshpande Foundation, we have established trust with the local community - thus overcoming a major challenge in creating lasting social impact.
  • The project aims to benefit micro entrepreneurs who participate in the santhe. Based on our experience of organising more than 80 Santhes in the last two years, the expected impact is of generating sales worth Rs. 10,000-30,000 sales.