Manjunath R Pujar

Chief Executive Officer, Shree Matha Nutri Foods
Manjunath R Pujar, Shree Matha Nutri Foods

Manjunath R. Pujar was born in the year 1964. He completed his computer science in the year 1990 from ITI institute in Bagalkot. He colonized "Shree Matha Nutrifoods" in the year 2002. Manjunath R. Pujar came up with nutrifoods industry engaged in manufacturing Ragi (Millets) malt, Oats cookies, Rice Poushtik, Wheat Poushtik and more for the residents of North Karnataka and it is an excellent supplementary food for infants. He relocated his business from Bagalkot to Hubli in the year 2006. Insufficient funds, lack of knowledge were the biggest challenges he faced.

SMNF employs around 32 employees in manufacturing plant unit and 18 marketing and sales representatives. 10 years back their sales were Rs 30,000/- and in the present year it has raised up to Rs. 18 lakhs per month. SMNF is a vendor for Kraftheinz manufacturer of Complain MNC Company, they cater to other states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.


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