Jitendra Bhansali

Poonam Marketing
Jitendra Bhansali, Poonam Marketing

Jitender Bhansali started Poonam Marketing in the year 2000, a wholesale for food products and consumer goods in the Hubli area. The brands they work with includes Kwality, Mapro, Falero, Winn, Surabhi, Dr. Oetker Funfoods, Frutina's, Hamdead, and MDH. They have established a good network and currently have over 500 distributors and 15,000 outlets over Karnataka. With their commitment to honest business and good service, they have been able to grow their business 40-50% each year.

Although marketing of food products continues to be a challenge, all the brands they work with have started out with zero and grown to gain a turnover of 50-70 lakh each month. They hope to share their knowledge of marketing with growing Micro-entrepreneurships.


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