We believe a transformational idea has a higher chance of success when it is implemented with entrepreneurial rigor and is supported by an invigorating and enabling environment.

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The Deshpande Foundation's Grantmaking and Partnerships program is an integral part of the Sandbox ecosystem. While the Hubli Sandbox ecosystem enables social entrepreneurs to have access to network, support and advice, the Grantmaking and Partnership program works in synchronization with the ecosystem to provide the necessary financial resources to catalysts, investing in their journey of an idea to proof of concept.

Our vision through the Grantmaking and Partnerships program is to encourage the emergence of catalysts with unique and innovative ideas that then become demonstrated successes in the Sandbox and elsewhere.

To maintain this focus, we have restricted our operational area to five districts of Northwest Karnataka. The intent is to have multiple actors and several interventions at different stages of growth in close proximity with each other and, if possible, find synergies in their interventions to optimize the impact on communities and ecosystem.
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Engagement varies with time and stages

Sandbox ideators enjoy access to a core set of educational offerings through workshops, expert panels and in-depth trainings, designed to strengthen their ideas and streamline programs in line with their goals. All our ideators can benefit from technology trainings and technical architecture consulting by Sandbox ecosystem partner, Microsoft Ventures.

We provide professionally managed co-sharing space and shared resources in the Sandbox ecosystem. In addition to cutting costs, this provides an opportunity to form intra-cohort relationships, cross-collaborations and creates an atmosphere of shared learning.

We regulary organise social impact pitch-offs that bring together ideators and experts on one platform to discuss and hash out ideas that solve social issues in response to community needs. Participants get a chance to exchange their ideas with Sandbox ecosystem partners and experts like, 'Desh' and jaishree Deshpande, Raju Reddy, Murali Bukkapatnam, Rangan Varadan, Sanjay Jesrani and many more.


  • Well-Being and Health


    68,154 people impacted through improved
    public health delivery, low cost health
    care models, technology interventions

  • Education


    11,42,799 children accessing Quality Education
    through improved public education systems and
    nurturing learning ecosystem

  • One million lives impacted  through partnership


    We are currently seeking new partners to work with us
    in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.
    Send in your concept notes to grants@dfmail.org

  • Agriculture


    25,644 Farmers improved productivity using sustainable
    farming, SRI technology and low cost wasteland and
    water harvesting models

  • Livelihoods


    54,956 People gained enhanced higher
    income with employability skills, improved
    access to value chain and finance.

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We are seeking new partners to work with us in Eastern
Uttar Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. Send in your
concept notes to grants@dfmail.org



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