Skill in village


To enable rural communities to become innovative changemakers and leaders by equipping school students with 21st century skills, hence enabling them to solve their local challenges and become global leaders.


Empowering every child in the rural ecosystem by enabling them to become future thinkers, doers and leaders.

About Skill in Village

Skill in Village

What ?

Skill in Village is an after school program for students enrolled in vernacular medium government schools. The programme focuses on grades 6th-9th (upper primary and secondary) to equip the rural students with English communication skills to begin with. Later the content is expanded to the other 3 Cs mentioned in the global P21 framework - Critical thinking, Creativity and Culture. We have improvised by not using the last C (collaboration) of the framework as it is but contextualising it to reflect the values and character students should have not only to become a good scholar but also a responsible citizen and above all a good human being.

Why ?

English is a necessity not only for better employability, but also a skill which expands one's horizons to learn other skills important for the century.
Increasing no. of students and parents in the villages want to learn English, as they have realised it's importance and need.
Lack of supportive English learning and speaking environment in the villages.


We have seen an immense increase in the confidence level of students in our 1 year pilot.
Improved critical thinking and curiosity amongst the students.
English grades in school tests have gone up by 20% in 5 months of training.
Reading abilities have improved significantly.


Stories that Speak



Grade 1, Ibrahimpur

“I like learning English and Kannada. After the Skill in Villages program, I know how to introduce myself. I know conversations. I know the names of flowers, fruits and vegetables. I can also talk to my mother in English. She doesn’t know English. So, she just laughs.”

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Grade 1, Ibrahimpur

“I love Maths. I want to become a bank manager.”

Rushabh knew what he wanted to become. But he did not know why. After a deeper conversation, Rushabh told me that he loves learning math...

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Grade 1, Ibrahimpur

In school, we only learn reading and writing. But after this program, we also know how to talk in English. I can introduce myself, talk about my aims and converse with you. But I am still learning. And I find it difficult to talk properly in English...

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Grade 1, Ibrahimpur

“I will come for this English class even if it is for 10 hours.”

Amid discussions regarding results and returns to investment, how do we make sure that the life of the learning process is not lost on the way?

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Skill in village
Skill in village

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