Deshpande Foundation India, Team, Innus Khan, Director
Innus Khan

Acumen India Fellow 2019

Leading teams of Karnataka, Telangana and Varanasi Agriculture-Initiatives as Director of Agriculture Initiatives.

Deshpande Foundation India, Team, Sandeep Kumar Naik, Deputy Director (Farm Pond)
Sandeep Kumar Naik
Deputy Director (Farm Pond)

Sandeepkumar Naik (Deputy Director of Farm Pond Program, Agriculture Initiative Deshpande Foundation) He holds a Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) Karnataka University, Dharwad and completed the Deshpande Fellowship Program (DFP) at Deshpande Foundation, Hubballi.

Dr. Deshpande Foundation India, Team, Samarendra Sahoo, Technical Manager
Dr. Samarendra Sahoo
Technical Manager

Ph.D. form Department of Agricultural and Food Engineering, IIT, Kharagpur. 13 year's experience in Soil, Water & Fertilizer management practices under different field crops. Expertise in Soil analysis, Statistical designing and data analysis for Field Research Experiments on different crops. Improve the environment quality and soil health though crop management, weed management, INM (Integrated nutrient management), irrigation and drainage system, and IPM (Integrated Pest management) for better sustainable crop production.

Deshpande Foundation India, Team, Dinesh Reddy Alampur, Program Manager (IDH-IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative)
Dinesh Reddy Alampur
Program Manager (IDH-IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative)

Dinesh Reddy Alampur completed his Master's in Agri-Business Management from Kerala Agricultural University and B.Sc.(Ag) from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu. A keen interest in sustainable agriculture from his college days drawn him to Deshpande Foundation. His expertise in Project Management, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and assurance mechanisms of global sustainability standards like BCSS, SEDEX aided in successful implementation of IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative, FPO, Farm pond projects in Telangana. His belief in embracing Sustainability Leadership through social entrepreneurship is a guiding force for his team.

Deshpande Foundation India, Team, Chandrashekaraswamy M.T, Program Manager (FPO)
Chandrashekaraswamy M.T
Program Manager (FPO)

Chandrashekaraswamy M.T is a Project Management professional with over 16 years of agriculture and rural development experience including community mobilization for forming producer organizations, integrated farming systems, market linkages and supply chains.

He holds M.Sc (Environmental Sciences) from Kuvempu University & MBA (Project Management) from SMU DE. In Deshpande Foundation he is heading the Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) program.

Deshpande Foundation India, Team, Deepa H, HR Manager
Deepa H
HR Manager

Heading teams of Karnataka,Telanagna and Varanasi as HR manager

MBA from Institute of Business Management and Research, Hubballi 6 years of professional experience in Human Resource and Banking sector.