Deshpande Foundation India Team
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Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs)

Currently Deshpande Foundation has been guiding farmers to form FPOs and create the awareness of benefits of FPOs. Under the guidance of Deshpande Foundation, currently there are 3 FPOs in Karnataka and 4 FPOs in Telangana. Currently we have reached 5000 farmers and directly benefited 3324 farmers from our FPO model. This has helped farmers to reduce input cost and get proper marketing linkages in selling their produce.

Collectivization of producers, especially small and marginal farmers, into producer organizations is emerging as one of the most effective pathways to address the many challenges of agriculture and most importantly, improved access to investments, technology intervention and markets.

In future, the Farmer Producer Organizations will support the farmers in to increase the income by undertaking the below mentioned activities: