Agriculture Initiatives

Agricultural Initiatives at Deshpande Foundation has been designed as a holistic ecosystem that brings together the best practices in water management, sustainable cropping, and soil analysis. Joining hands with national and international organizations, we aspire to transform the face of agrarian India. Through the creation of a cost-efficient and demand-driven program, the aim is to benefit 1 million farmers by 2025.

Aligning with the organization's philosophy of impacting the 1.1 billion of the rural Bharat with sustainable solutions, the program has been effectively collaborating with many organizations.

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Rural Transformation

Enabling rural economies to achieve their full potential

Around 68% of India’s population lives in rural areas. In order to enable rural economies achieve their full potential, a long term vision is required. Deshpande Foundation believes that holistic rural transformation requires coordinated interventions in six core areas: Agriculture, Education And Skilling, Livelihoods & Local Entrepreneurship, Self Governance, Health & Nutrition, Water & Sanitation. Also, Deshpande Foundation aims to transform 10,000 villages in two states of India by 2030. To achieve this aspiration, it has in place a defined approach and pathway to scale. The focus is on exploring inherent possibilities of growth and accelerating rural India’s transformational journey.

Agriculture Initiatives programs which are impacting at the grass root level


Deshpande Foundation India, Team, Innus Khan, Director
Innus Khan
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Deshpande Foundation India, Team, Sandeep Kumar Naik, Deputy Director (Farm Pond)
Sandeep Kumar Naik
Deputy Director (Farm Pond)
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Deshpande Foundation India, Team, Firdaous Farooque Shaikh, Technical Manager
Firdaous Farooque Shaikh
Technical Manager
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Dr. Deshpande Foundation India, Team, Samarendra Sahoo, Technical Manager
Dr. Samarendra Sahoo
Technical Manager
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Deshpande Foundation India, Team, Dinesh Reddy Alampur, Program Manager (IDH-The Sustainable Trade Initiative)
Dinesh Reddy Alampur
Program Manager
Better Cotton Initiative IDH-The Sustainable Trade Initiative
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Deshpande Foundation India, Team, Chandrashekaraswamy M.T, Program Manager (FPO)
Chandrashekaraswamy M.T
Program Manager (FPO)
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Deshpande Foundation India, Team, Rajabhakshi Nadaf, Program Officer (SSI)
Rajabhakshi Nadaf
Program Officer (SSI)
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Deshpande Foundation India, Team, Deepa H, HR Manager
Deepa H
HR Manager
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